Oh so that's how that works.

As you can tell, I didn't complete all the features I wanted to. I might not have posed an update if I had not learned how to handle Godot's weakref() function. Here is a tutorial :

WELL, that was surprising.

The game has been ported to Godot3 and will continue to use this engine. I did redo some scripts, nailed the breeding mechanic (parental fluid), took aim at the capture mechanic, made controls simple & clean, and have a halfway-done menu. Broke the battle system to try coding an AI (decision driven) one. No Battle system yet, but I have the ideas together for my game. Hope you like grinding and level caps because I'm going to do all of that.

I've been preoccupied with my heart condition. I have atrial flutter and severe procrastination. One is treatable if I see a heart-doctor, but I haven't the money, employment, or insurance. Post some encouragement or images of 3d adventure games for motivation. I really want to complete this game. I have a couple of lewd jams to enter, with a different game, but I'll try to work on this game more in the coming months. If there are any jams that this game might be good for, let me know. Entering jams is how I motivate myself.


AEwin64_0001.zip 19 MB
Apr 27, 2018
AEwin32_0001.zip 17 MB
Apr 27, 2018
AElinux64_0001.zip 19 MB
Apr 27, 2018
AElinux32_0001.zip 21 MB
Apr 27, 2018
AdventuresEdge_mac_fat_0001.zip 33 MB
Apr 27, 2018

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