Ponycats! Beta now working.

Added two new lazuna (Fillinaif and Coltinaif). These are two of thirteen within the same general family. Fixed the lag because I had the physics framerate at four times the games framerate. Only Ske has the correct elements, I'll be adding the placeholder skills for all the elements later. I'm starting to add the framework for the quest system and town data.  Water is semi-beta as well as the ponycats (Coltinaif needs a longer snout and the animations are garbage). The sun and moon are on the wrong side of the clouds, large object with alpha transparency tend to flicker. There was minimal testing with this version, so there could be are bugs. I'm happy with how it is coming along, but I need to get back to adding one new thing a day. Might start with filling in the skills then build some buildings. For now, I'm going to rest.


AE_Win_32_007.zip 24 MB
Nov 27, 2018
AE_Nix_64_007.zip 25 MB
Nov 27, 2018

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