Just won't work.

Was hoping to get a new version up today, but ran into problems. The growth system needs some work. Basically, I was going to let the lazuna chance appearance and grow. There is a brace and core system, the brace holds physics and the core holds appearance. With this system, I shouldn't have to update hundreds of lazuna later since the brace holds the script.

Next I just added a new player brace and remove the old lazuna after updating its data. Forgot that a scene cannot instance a duplicate of itself from itself, so I used a resource preloader from the map instead of the scene. It worked well, but the new lazuna does not follow instructions since the signals are not set up. 

Now I'll have to update the player's lazuna from the player and return/deploy the lazuna. Might get the lazuna to update it's data and send a message to the player causing a return/deploy action. It might only take me a day to do this (less, really) but I'm just going to rest today. I could also connect and send a signal from the lazuna to force reconnection of the signals, then the lazuna won't jump around when it grows.

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