What to work on

I tried to do minor updates every week, but I've got some big things to add. There might not be an update for a while. The main region has been sectioned out and I'll be making the maps and map data over the next few weeks.  I'll be working on the opening story and story flags. It might just be a black screen with text and audio since the player and NPCs are randomly generated. Once the buildings have been finished, and I can fully build the tows, I'll be updating again. Buildings aren't that difficult, just time-consuming.

Then I'll add the opening story, and update some mechanics. Hopefully now's the time I'll start adding more content.


AE_NIX64_0098.zip 27 MB
Apr 18, 2019
AE_WIN32_0098.zip 25 MB
Apr 18, 2019

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