Working Hardly

Things done-ish:

Rain, maybe. < mostly done

Trees and maps maybe < NOPE

Extra NPC programming < Better lazuna

Buildings and sky < I'm fighting collisions, or the lack thereof.

I'll be working on another project for another jam later on then I'll be back on AE for the anything goes jam.

Things planned for 0.03:

no falling through floors (I have a catch for now, but blast it)

Better "NPC" programming

item purchasing

Better rain

Maybe a town

Player stats

NPC stats

Lazunas looking more knocked out

More lazunas

Still, don't expect me to do all of this, I am tired. Might do some pomodoro sprints to get things done.

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Jun 28, 2018 20 MB
Jun 28, 2018 44 MB
Jun 28, 2018 38 MB
Jun 28, 2018

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