Semi-Working Quests

Been working on indev 0.10 regularly these past few days. The quest system works for items, but there will still be a few things to do after release. I'll be fixing up some bugs and making things look better before "finishing" up the quest systems. Afterward, I'll be working on the maps and save/load system.

Things I still have to do:

Modify the text in the quest info

Make sale/quest windows close when you press "E"

Get the lazuna delivery quest to work (This will check your party for the first lazuna that fits)

# Might add signs to give play instructions/directions

While 0.10 is not ready for release yet, here is what I have planned for 0.11

1-2 actual towns

Path between the towns

Add details to quest system

Generate town/region/player/NPC data in full

Create NPC loader

# Try to fix NPC/Player battle system

# Possible save/load system

# Possible NPC/Lazuna message relay system

# Might add a few new Lazuna and fix up some of the current ones.

After 0.11 I'm hoping I can just focus on adding content. I'll still have to add the main story, several story NPCs, and the story quest.

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