Working Weakly

I'm thinking of doing updates every week. Picking something small to add or work on and doing it for that week. This might prevent me from entering jams, or jams might prevent me from doing this, but I might try. Currently there are not many updates, just added some items to buy and a new character. There are also a few bugs I have to hunt down, but they're rare and I feel like letting them slide. Adding a new character was pretty easy, so I think I'm at the point where I can just rapidly add content over the next few months. The big bad is the NPC battle system, since I might want NPCs to fight you or each other. That's something I'm going to put off and chip away over time. I'd like to work on the graphics a bit and add experience gaining this week. Then I might give the player some stats and work on getting town and NPC data written. Afterward, a bit of tidying up and maybe get the save system work on. Maps and creatures will be added after, then story events. Right now, I'm tired.

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Jul 30, 2018

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