I've been worked over meow.

There is a secret that can be unlocked by clicking on the web bonus button. It will open a browser window, but it should work even when offline. 

First the bugs and why there isn't more content. I also get headaches easier because of my meds; heart meds.

Some of the collision shape types do not work (trimesh), so no buildings.

Changing the sky color caused noticeable lag every second, had to cut that.

NPCs only have basic work, and it was the last day.

Tree textures and models looked rubbish, no wood for you.

Now what I've added:

NPCs, but only females? Forgot to add the males. I'll make them extra misogynist when added.

Gave NPCs and wild lazuna the ability to walk about. Also added some more dialog.

PLAYER BODY, finally it was just a big cube.

Map parts for mappiness.

Sky, but it broke.

Particles, but I might change them later.

What I'll be working on for the next jam:

Next jam is the systemic game jam, so the battle/breeding/capture system should get some love; pun intended.

Rain, maybe.

Trees and maps maybe

Extra NPC programming

Buildings and sky

Better Patreon Drive extras

Don't expect much on this list, I might just sleep for a week or work on a project for another jam.

I have learned a ton, and now I'm going to apply what I have learned to progress this game.


AE_Win64_0_01.zip 22 MB
Jun 15, 2018
AE_Win32_0_01.zip 20 MB
Jun 15, 2018
AE_NIX_0_01.zip 44 MB
Jun 15, 2018

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