Not sure how devlogs work.

Just posting to inform the fans of this game of upcoming events. I'll get back to working on this in March '18 and I'll be working on another game. Development of these projects will be split during day (AE) and night (UV). Yes, I just noticed that pun. I'll be working on more mature projects at night and "safe" projects during the day.

None of these thing are in the current version:

AE has been transferred to Godot 3 with minimal incident and I'll re-work much of the programming. Hopefully I'll have the Godot 3 versions up by the end of March. I'm hopeful to have UV up by late March or April, and I'll be making a devlog on that when it happens.

AE targets  for March:

redo scripts

add town & NPCs

add breeding mechanic (similar to a popular mining game)

capture system

pony, canine, and spider creatures

minor quests

menu systems


AdventuresEdge_win_32.exe 24 MB
Feb 01, 2018
AdventuresEdge_win_64.exe 26 MB
Feb 01, 2018
AdventuresEdge_linuX11_64 36 MB
Feb 01, 2018
AdventuresEdge_linuX11_32 35 MB
Feb 01, 2018

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