A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Lost in black on a desert planet, is there anyone you'd rely on to get you home?

Could you even rely on yourself? Would others rely on you?

0.27 The  Egg Update:

Object loading should be smoother at start.

Critters in pens no longer crash the game.

Critters lay their eggs near themselves instead of wherever

Now with 64-bit windows and linux releases.

I'm focusing on the critters and getting the upgrades fully done. Next release might have meat and better critter item handling.

Technically Beatable, and it has a congratulation screen, but I make no promises.

Install instructions

Unzip and click the exe, should just run.

Autosaves at the top of the "hour".

You'll have to click on the load button if you want to load your save.

If you get stuck, press T


LittleOne_LINUX64_027.zip 41 MB
LittleOne_WIN32_027.zip 41 MB
LittleOne_WIN64_027.zip 41 MB

Development log


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You Ranked 9th in the Jam. Great effort, Thanks for your participation! hope to see you next year. :)