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Just created a fantastic beast but cannot devise a name? Use Word Gnome. This program takes a list of words (features, elements, descriptors) to shred and beat them into new word. Keep hitting the generate button for new words until you get one that speaks to you. While it only uses a max of 100 of the input words, feel free to dump as many words as you want with minimal lag. Made for my own use with the Godot engine and shared with indifference.

I can only test the window's version, but I can release for mac if requested. I'll also consider any relevant requests, but don't get salty if I reject an idea.

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User assumes all liability.

Install instructions

Should just unzip and work. Linux users may have to set their version to run.


WordGnome_Nix_64.zip 12 MB
WordGnome_Win32.zip 10 MB

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